I’ve been walking around with a camera in my hand professionally now for over 30 years and I’ve seen some huge changes in that time. The advent of drone photography is one that has radically changed our industry.

Hi. I’m Tony Speakman and I set up KiwiDrones as an off shoot of my professional photography business Tony Speakman Photo & Design. I never imagined how much these flying cameras would affect my work, or how much I would love it! I have a passion for both photography and technology, and drones or UAV’s or quadcopters as they’re also known are the perfect combination of both.

Whether photographing a farm or lifestyle property for real estate marketing or shooting video and stills for a business marketing campaign drones bring a unique perspective that, if you pardon the pun (another passion of mine), will elevate your image to new heights.

Let’s talk about what KiwiDrones can do for you.